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6 Effective Tips To Get Better Digestion Naturally

Changes in the weather can lead to many diseases. Common cold, headache and fever are common complaints but often stomach related problems are also unavoidable. Sometimes our body fails to digest the food properly which leads to complications. This causes digestion problems like acidity.

Relieve from Gas

5 Simple Ways to Quickly Relieve Gas and Bloating

Although it's not something any of us like to talk about, bloating and gas are very common issues we all have to suffer from quite regularly.

Acidity Remedy

Acidity: Causes, Prevention and Home Remedies

Monsoon is the season for the foodies, especially in India. India is a nation of food lovers. We all love sipping our hot chais and savoring our hot pakoras as we watch the raindrops fall outside. And who can forget the delicious scent of roasted bhuttas at every street stall. This love for food is what defines us. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any negative aspects to it.

Cure Gas at Home

How to Cure Gas at Home

In order to stay healthy, it is very important that you treat stomach problems as quickly as possible. According to Ayurveda, stomach problems are the root of many other diseases.

Home Remedies for Acidity

5 Home Remedies for Acidity in the Stomach

There are three conditions that contribute to acid reflux - poor clearance of food or acid from the esophagus, excess acid in the stomach, and delayed stomach emptying.