Constipation (कब्ज)

For last 12 years, I have been struggling from severe constipation. I tried all possible treatments including home remedies and allopathic medicines, but there was no relief. Changing food habits didn't help either and my problem kept getting worse. Then after starting Udar Arogya, my constipation vanished in just a week!


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Acidity (एसिडिटी)

I struggled due to severe stomachache off and on. I was even experiencing difficulty breathing while having these bouts. My family was extremely worried and took me to a doctor, who recommended tests including endoscopy and ECG; the reports were normal. I was advised that acidity is causing this. My relative recommended Udar Arogya and in just 10 days I felt perfectly fine.

Bloating (फुलाव)

Few months back, I was sick and tired of frequent bloating and stomach upset. Whenever I ate even a little quantity of my favorite food, I had to struggle from indigestion. My brother knew about this and one day he sent Udar Arogya for me and insisted on trying it for some time. Thanks to him, now I feel as if there was no problem ever.

Gas (गैस)

As long as I can remember, I was having problems of gas, acidity and constipation. I consulted 3-4 doctors, took many allopathic treatments but there was little or no relief. One day, while watching TV, I saw Udar Arogya's ad and ordered it. Today, after completing full course of this medicine, I feel extremely light and relieved.

Indigestion (अपच)

I was suffering from chronic indigestion. It increased to the extent where I was feeling constant headaches and was vomiting frequently. I approached an ayurvedic expert and he suggested Udar Arogya for my problem. It worked like a miracle for me and my problems disappeared after 10-15 days of this treatment.