Indigestion is a terrible feeling culminating into body draining essential fluids and energy. This uncomfortable sensation in one's belly after taking meal, indigestion is also known as 'dyspepsia' in medical terminology and is the result of several causes including improper break down of food, constipation, bacterial infections, gas, hyperacidity, etc.

Some among us are more prone to indigestion, for reasons such as :

  • Unhygienic or stale food
  • Spicy, oily, or heavy food
  • Mental stress
  • Alcohol
  • Certain medications
  • Irregular meals

As per Ayurveda, Agni imbalance is the root cause of indigestion. Jathragni is the digestive fire that helps digest food properly. Imbalance of Agni may cause a variety of problems ranging from excess acid secretion, bloating, nausea, loss of taste or sour eructation.

To mitigate the symptoms and treat dyspepsia, one should -

  • Switch to light meals and take more time to chew food
  • Light food during night
  • Spare time for yoga
  • Distance self from alcohol and tobacco
  • Avoid excess dairy products
  • Take lukewarm water instead of cold water

Udar Arogya is an ayurvedic treatment for indigestion made from all-natural liver stimulators as well as secretion regulators under the guidance and watchful eyes of renowned ayurvedacharyas. Regular intake of this medicine for 45 days cleans the entire digestive system from toxins and reactivates whole digestive process.