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Udararogya Products

Online Delivery

Price : Rs. 3240/-

Inclusive of all charges for locations within India.

  • 1Udar Arogya is a proprietary ayurvedic medicine prepared from potent natural herbs such as kasaundi, kutki, rohitak, giloy, vyvidang, etc.
  • 2The whole preparation finds its base in ayurvedic guidelines.
  • 3Udar Arogya provides relief in 4 major gastrointestinal disorders namely constipation, hyperacidity, indigestion and excess gas production.
  • 4It helps mitigate problems by:

    Promoting lubrication in guts for easy and regular defecation of fecal matter.

    Stimulating liver to promote excretion of gastric juices.

    Forming alkali environment to neutralize excess acid present in stomach.


(Note: Please allow 8 to 10 working days for delivery.)