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Testimonial 1

For last 12 years, I have been struggling from severe constipation. I tried all possible treatments including home remedies and allopathic medicines...

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Testimonial 2

I struggled due to severe stomachache off and on. I was even experiencing difficulty breathing while having these bouts. My family was extremely worried and took me...

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Testimonial 3

Few months back, I was sick and tired of frequent bloating and stomach upset. Whenever I ate even a little quantity of my favorite food, I had to struggle from indigestion...

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Testimonial 4

As long as I can remember, I was having problems of gas, acidity and constipation. I consulted 3-4 doctors, took many allopathic treatments but there was little or no relief. One day, while...

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Testimonial 5

I was suffering from chronic indigestion. It increased to the extent where I was feeling constant headaches and was vomiting frequently. I approached an ayurvedic...

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